Jul 31, 2012


GMO Myths and Truths Rport Released

On July 5 a new report titled “GMO Myths and Truths” was released. Written by genetic engineers, the report presents a large body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence of the problems genetically engineered crops and organisms pose to human health and the environment. The intent was to take the debate beyond the usual rhetoric, and focus on the peer-reviewed science to summarize the findings.

The reports authors are Dr. Michael Antoniou of King’s College London School of Medicine and Dr. John Fagan, a former genetic engineer who now operates a GMO testing lab.

The authors claim that “ GM crops are promoted on the basis of ambitious claims-- that they are safe to eat, environmentally beneficial, increase yields, reduce reliance on pesticides, and help solve world hunger.” Instead, the report points to studies that show that genetically modified (GM) crops have harmful effects on laboratory animals in feeding trials and on the environ-ment; GM crops also result in increased pesticide use, and fail to increase yields.

“Over 75% of all GM crops are engineered to tolerate being sprayed with herbicide. This has led to the spread of herbicide resistant super-weeds and has resulted in increased exposure of farmers and communities to these toxic chemicals” stated Fagan. “Epidemiological studies suggest links between herbicide use and birth defects and cancer.”

The report claims that based on the evidence of research reviewed, there is “no need to take risks with GM crops, when readily available, and sustainable solutions to the problems that GM technology claims to address already exist. Conventional plant breeding, in some cases helped by safe modern technologies like gene mapping and marker assisted selection, continues to outperform GM in producing high-yield, drought tolerant and pest-and disease resistant crops that can meet our present and future food needs.”

The full report can be accessed at: http://earthopensource.org/index.php/reports/gmo-myths-and-truths.

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