Feb 27, 2012


Women Caring for the Land Meetings Underway

Women own or co-own much of our farmland and they often express strong conservation values. Older women often end up inheriting farmland and the responsibilities that go with it, but have not had much experience dealing with state and federal conservation agencies and programs, and find dealing with tenant farmers to be difficult or frustrating, and vice versa.

This spring, the Kansas Rural Center and Cheney Lake Watershed are partnering to provide an opportunity for these older women landowners to learn more about achieving conser-vation goals on their land. Women Caring for the Land offers a peer-to-peer, informal discussion format in conjunction with a farm tour to see conservation practices in the field.

This is a pilot program in Kansas to determine the need for conservation information and the best way to transfer that information to the women who need it the most, and to deter-mine if expanding the scope of the project is needed.

KRC and Cheney Lake Watershed will offer a series of learning circle meetings and farm tours for women within Cheney Watershed this spring and fall.

Contact Lisa French, Cheney Lake Watershed office at 620-669-8161 Ext. 1335, or Mary Fund at the KRC_office 785-873-3431 for more information.

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