Dec 28, 2011

Sign Up for KRC Legislative Weekly E-Updates

During 2012, KRCwill offer its Legislative Weekly E-Updates during the State of Kansas Legislative session and throughout the federal Farm Bill debates and decisions.

Paul Johnson will provide KRC with monitoring and analysis of food, farm and environmental issues in the Kansas State Legislative Session from January through May, and KRC will provide updates and alerts on critical federal farm bill actions until the farm bill is passed by Congress.

You can sign up for the 2012 Weekly E-Updates by contacting Mary Fund at, or going to the KRCwebsite at http://www. KRCasks for a $20 contribution specifically for the Weekly E-Updates to help with costs. Make checks payable to Kansas Rural Center, and mail to KRC, Weekly E- Updates, Box 133, Whiting, Ks. 66552.

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