Dec 30, 2010

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Starting in January 2011, the Kansas Rural Center will offer Weekly E-Reports during the State of Kansas Legislative Session, and updates and alerts on the development of the 2012 federal farm bill throughout the year.  Paul Johnson, Perry, Ks., farmer and former lobbyist for a consortium of church groups, will be staffing this effort. With state budget woes, a new governor and new cabinet team in place, KRC is launching a new Legislative and Policy Watch Project to monitor the state legislature for decisions affecting a diversified agriculture, the environment, our natural resource base, and consumers, and to promote a local and regional food system.

The project is possible due to a bequest from Jan Garton, Manhattan,  who died in 2009, and left KRC a generous gift.  While these funds help support the effort, we ask that participants consider making a $20 donation for the information and services provided.  These services include:
  • Weekly E-Reports, January-May 2011.  Registered as a lobbyist for KRC, Johnson will produce weekly e-reports, and track and testify on bills and issues related to farm and food policy.  He will also be monitoring state budget issues, including Kansas State University programs,  Kansas Department of Agriculture activities, and programs impacting water conservation and quality, small meat processors promotion and regulation, farmers markets promotions, and state food policy goals.  Other issues may include rBGH milk labeling, defining sustainable agriculture in law, and existing property tax exemptions for commercial wind and ‘tar sands’ pipelines.
  • Teleconference Call Updates. In addition to the weekly e-reports during the session, Paul and KRC staff will hold at least 6 hour-long tele-conference calls to keep you abreast of legislative happenings. These will start January 20 offering a short report on status of issues, and a question and answer opportunity for participants. These calls may include updates on federal farm program budgets and program changes as that debate gets underway in Washington, D.C . Anyone signed up for the E-Alerts can opt into the teleconference calls.  Call-in information and the schedule will be available later.
  • Updates on Federal Farm Programs and the  2012 Farm Bill  (Jan.-Dec.) The Weekly E-Alerts also include updates or notices on developments in the next federal farm bill during the session, and special alerts the rest of the year as needed.
To sign up for the Weekly E-Reports, please click on this Register Now link.
Once you click the link, you will be taken to the KRC Legislative and Policy Watch Program Registration Form.
If you elect to support the program with a tax-deductible donation, this can be done through one of two methods:
  1. Use a credit card or PayPal account to pay online. 
  2. Print out the Registration Confirmation email and mail it along with your check to the KRC Office at the address included in Confirmation Email.
For more information, contact Paul Johnson at or contact Mary Fund, or 785-873-3431

Contribute to the Cau$e

Seed funding for the 2011 Legislative and Policy Watch Program is being provided by the Jan Garton Memorial Fund, but we're the sole fiscal sponsor and KRC needs your help to make this vision a reality.

We'll be adding this new initiative to an already full docket of food and farming education and support programs. If you’ve ever been to a KRC sustainable ag or farmers market conference, farm tour, or one of our numerous other workshops, you know that sustainable food production education and support is at the core of everything we do.

While KRC receives much of its funding from federal/state grants and private foundations, those funds are earmarked for specific programs. We hope you will consider supporting the Legislative and Policy Watch Program with a  tax-deductible donation

  • Your $20 donation helps to defray the cost of having an experienced farmer/lobbyist at the statehouse to monitor issues that affect you and thousands of other family farmers.

  • Your $50 donation registers you for the weekly email updates and covers your participation in monthly teleconference calls where you'll be able to ask questions on the issues we'll monitor. 

  • Your $235 donation registers you for the weekly emails and funds one of the monthly teleconference calls for ALL participants.

While KRC offers this program at no cost, your tax-deductible donation will enable KRC to respond quickly and effectively to threats and opportunities in Topeka.

Won't you join us?

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